Is Israel's Response Disproportionate?

July 21, 2006


(John Stewart, via Jewschool)

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Comments for Is Israel's Response Disproportionate?
Jon Stewart and the crack team at the Daily Show get it right once again... and then getting in the joke about the movie of the week and Charles Bronson... brilliant all around.

Well at least some one can have at it... although there is very little to laugh...

Laughter doesn't necessarily represent levity. Very often, especially in case of John Stewart and other political satirists, it demonstrates acute despair.

I do agree with you, however,I am way too emotionally involved at the mom...

It would be nice if we were able to switch off the Emotion button for a bit... and keep on only the Reason...
oh well...
i'll see you for the next post then.

LOL! Leave it to John Stewart to find something funny in all of this.

If they are bombing Uganda, yes.

If the Jews really knew where the terrorists were hiding the hostages they would have gotten them back by now... THEY ARE THAT GOOD AND ENTEBBE PROVED IT. (Bronson's acting notwithstanding) -
That is dependant on the brutal savages not having decapitated the captives yet. - I do not understand why anyone on this planet thinks that Hezbollah is the victim here.

If Israel really wanted war with Lebanon the country would have been LEVELED years ago. - I am amazed when I hear a pro Hezbollah complain about apartments being destroyed in Lebanon and not one person was killed. ZERO (0) killed because Israel told the people to get out.

They did this to destroy the Hezbollah stronghold that was included in the apartment buildings without killing the civilians.

Of course by doing so Israel alerted their Hezbollah enemies to get the heck out too.

Who is the bad guy here? WHO included a military stronghold in with civilian living quarters???

OH!!!! - George Bush told Hezbollah to put their military working next to hospitals, homes and schools.

It is all George Bush's fault!!!

Word to the wise, Prying1. I'm a Jew but I'm not an Israeli. Israel is a country. Judaism is a religion as well as a set of cultural values and shared history.

The Lebanese should have done something about Hezbollah a long time ago, but your paiting of a kind and benvolent Israel warning people that their lives are about to be completely shattered is patronising at best.

A nice cup of tea and maybe a little stroll to look at the sunset ought to do it for you.

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