Free from Illusion

July 16, 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIsraeli friends call to complain about mutual Arab friends. Some Arab friends won't talk to me because I'm Jewish. Arab and Israeli friends are sniping at each other using their MSN online names since they don't have the courage to contact one another directly: "David's mother is ... ", "Ahmed = ... ". One Arab friend who does talk to me wants all Israelis chased into the sea. An Israeli friend says he doesn't care what happens to anyone who lives in Lebanon. A Lebanese friend is calling for the execution of all Jews all over the world (including me, I suppose).

I don't live in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or Haifa. I live in Toronto. Multicultural Toronto.

With very rare exception, political and military leaders are incapable of looking out from beyond their bubbles of arrogance and false power with the aim of achieving a world stable enough for a dignified life. I had hoped, buoyed by my multi-ethnic friends, that our future lay with little people constantly working to iron out the ideological differences our apparent leaders shove into us.

Weakened by 9/11, buffeted by Intifadas, suicide bombers, arrogant American foreign policy, arrogant Israeli policy, covert anti-semitism, Abu Ghraib, and Gitmo, this still survived. Until now. I am now completely free from illusion as to exactly what humanity is.

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Comments for Free from Illusion
Troy, yet upon his basis, had been down,
And the great Hector's sword had lack'd a master [...]
The specialty of rule hath been neglected:
And, look, how many Grecian tents do stand
Hollow upon this plain, so many hollow factions [...]
When that the general is not like the hive [...]
The unworthiest shows as fairly in the mask [...]
When the planets
In evil mixture to disorder wander,
What plagues and what portents! what mutiny!
What raging of the sea! shaking of earth!
Commotion in the winds! frights, changes, horrors,
Divert and crack, rend and deracinate
The unity and married calm of states
Quite from their fixure! O, when degree is shaked,
Which is the ladder to all high designs,
Then enterprise is sick! [...]
Then every thing includes itself in power,
Power into will, will into appetite;
And appetite, a universal wolf,
So doubly seconded with will and power,
Must make perforce an universal prey,
And last eat up himself [...]
Troy in our weakness stands, not in her strength.

-- Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida

When the present doesn't regret the past,the future, then, doesnt' really appear to be any brighter either...

Yes, thank you. That's a great comfort.

My pleasure, any time...

Excellent post.

Take care,

Thank you.

It is sad to watch and know that people who have worked so hard for peace, are paying the price for war. I hope that this ends soon and that those who were once friends can be friends again.

good to have you among us. humans are shite. this will never end as long as we're populating this planet.

It is sad that you are witnessing the bad side of people, but don't give up on humanity. Even though I often post on my blog about acts the Israeli govt/arm carry out on civilian population (and also against suicide bombs in Israel), most people know the difference between a race or religion and the actions of rulers, countries and armies.
Possibly the solution is for people not to align so tightly to their colour, race, creed or religion, but rather align to people who share the same moral values.
As for your friends - it is understandable to express agression as a normal reaction to the feeling of helplessness when witnessing (or hearing about) the killings of those who they align with, or who are of the same ethnic group. But it has dangerous reprecusions - as a Jew you would be well aware through history the danger of hatred for people based on race/religion.

OK, enough of a rant. All I actually wanted to say was nice blog, but your last post stuck in my mind!

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