A Good Book and Some Trees

July 13, 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usA week with spotty Internet service at my parents' cottage on the shores of Lake Winnipeg on the other side of the country to find the Israeli government and military, the Hamas government in Palestine, and Hezbollah all doing their very best to hasten the end of the world. In the words of Joni Mitchell,

It's peaceful with a good [book]* and some trees
Out of touch with the breakdown of this century

I should have stayed on Lake Winnipeg.

*Joni says "dog" but I prefer "book"

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Comments for A Good Book and Some Trees
i prefer having both. the book and the dog too.

Blessed is the ignorant sometime…
What it hurts me most it’s that sense of being utterly powerless!
I was re-reading Mark Twain’s The Diary of Adam and Eve, in which Twain masterfully portrays the careless and naïve life of Adam entangled with the one of the talkative and curios Eve within the Edenic garden… I am sure that neither Adam, nor Eve would have ever imagined that their offspring were to transform their garden into an appalling battleground… shame that there were no contraceptives at that time…

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