Marine Decides Not to Record Song About Killing Iraqi Family, For Now

July 04, 2006

A Marine who wrote and performed a song about killing members of an Iraqi family has temporarily shelved the tune, a record producer said Monday.


"Hadji Girl" surfaced in a four-minute video on the Internet. In the clip, Belile sings about a Marine who falls in love with an Iraqi woman and then encounters hostility from her family. Relatives kill the woman, prompting the Marine to gun down the family members.


Belile has said his song was intended as a joke.


Mosher said Belile still plans to record the song. Belile has said he will leave the military when his five-year enlistment ends in October 2007.

"We're wanting to record and produce it," Mosher said. "I think it tells a great story."

- from My Way News (via The Huffington Post)

We will, in fact, be greeted as liberators.

- Dick Cheney

I wish my American neighbours a contemplative Fourth of July...

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Comments for Marine Decides Not to Record Song About Killing Iraqi Family, For Now
It’s utterly appalling!
I mean.. really there should be a limit to everything!!

Despite my feelings of revulsion, I have to say that anyone, no matter how intellectually challenged or mean-spirited, can write songs about anything they want in a free society that respects free speech. Despite threats to charge reporters and newspapers with treason, the United States claims to be one of these. If he can write the song, anyone can point out how repugnant it is.

That being said, the song gives a chilling confirmation of what the attitude of many of the "liberators" must be towards Iraqis.


good point, greyguy

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