Blogger Intensifies Exercise, Explodes

June 30, 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usClients of a downtown Toronto gym were shocked and repulsed when a local blogger's lungs and head exploded this morning.

"It was, like, so gross! I got brains in my powershake! Ew!" exclaimed one witness, who may never previously have encountered brains of any type.

"He was on the treadmill and suddenly blam! squoosh! splatter! It was like in Scanners when they made those people's heads explode everywhere! It was totally cool!" described another.

It is believed that the 35-year-old blogger's lungs and head detonated after he had increased the intensity of his workout routine. Encouraged by an informal personal trainer, a friend described as "sadistic" and "malevolent", to "ramp it up take this thing to the next level" in an effort to reduce his belly and regain the taut, svelte, muscles of his early- to mid-20s, he had recently increased the difficulty of his routine. The results were deadly.

Gym owners hastened to explain that exercise is in general a safe and healthy activity and that normal side effects include fatigue and aching muscles. Bursting body parts are unusual and should not deter the public from paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to join a gym and cause themselves great physical distress.

The bloggers was unable to comment because his head had exploded, leaving him without a mouth and brain power (and brains).

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Comments for Blogger Intensifies Exercise, Explodes
Grey I am not sure what really tipped me off, there are so many things actually, and this is just one of those things… and I am not even sure that I want Au piranha to become a political blog… But as I have said it in the blog’s presentation: “This is a place where thoughts are aired unreservedly, free from any linguistic or cultural barriers.” Well then... once and then you’ll also see some of my political thoughts sprouting up…
Thank you very much for you comments, which I greatly appreciate it!!!

I have no political thoughts. My head has exploded.

something that we share thne...
My head has exploded too, and that was a long time ago!

ps. I enjoy very much your blog, thank you!

ps2. there is a comment to your commet that awaits you in my blog...

All I can say to this is ...
Great Blog! Easy to read. Well written. Great colors!
otherwise no other comment would suffice!

Thanks. Differing shades of grey do go well together.


euroyank seems to be a lovely guy...

I sonmetimes order my powershakes WITH brains in them.

But that's me.

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