Harmony and Counterpoint

August 20, 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt was an immensely appealing experiment, both in its idealism and in its simplicity: Let young Israeli and Arab musicians play together in an orchestra to show that communication and cooperation were possible between peoples who had long fought each other. [...] By the end of the workshop Israelis, Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese and Egyptians had learned to play together and live together, and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra was born. (It took its name from a collection of poems by Goethe, inspired by the 14th-century Persian poet Hafiz.) Since then, the orchestra has studied and toured under Mr. Barenboim's guidance and baton every summer.
(from the New York Times)

I would love to see an orchestra made up of Bush, Nasrallah, Olmert, Bin Laden, Ahmadinejad, Al-Assad, Kim Jon-Il, Chavez, Castro, Cheny, Rumsfeld, and the other scary men who shape our future. I wrote "see", mind you; not "hear".

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Comments for Harmony and Counterpoint
Surely it would be a great laugh!

I can already imagine them trying to kick each other out of the stage.. playing pranks at each other and terminating in a grand finale of... dick comparing competition...

i'd Definitely buy a ticket!

"terminating in a grand finale of... dick comparing competition..."

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Now I don't want to see it anymore, either!

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