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May 31, 2006

A week or two ago my inbox was inundated with emails pleading with me to watch the YouTube video of the guy with fantastic adlib talents bluffing his way through what he though was a job interview with the BBC, but wasn't. Due to some confusion at BBC's reception that day, he had been sent into a live broadcast interview on the legalities of file sharing. I think he fared rather well, considering the shock being quizzed on something he had no knowledge of whatsoever in a "job interview".

Shockingly, despite his ability to perform under pressure and his hero status among bloggers and other creature that never see the light of day such as vampires, worms, and Gollum impersonators, the BBC did not hire him.

But help has arrived. An Irish journalist has set up a petition to give him the job he'd thought he was interviewing for, if not a better one. Sign the petition and then go visit the site.

If I weren't between jobs myself, I'd snap him up in an instant. I wish someone would start a petition to get me hired at the last place I interviewed at ...

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Genes. By Genghis

May 30, 2006

Genghis Khan / Image Hosted by"They seem the unlikeliest of relatives. One was a fearsome warlord whose name became a byword for savagery. The other is a mild-mannered accountancy academic from Florida". It sounds like the beginning of an insipid Hollywood buddy movie starring Robin Williams and Jackie Chan in which they do a little dance, make a little love (not to each other - it's Hollywood), and conquer a swath of Asia from Beijing to Kiev and along the way learn a valuable lesson about friendship, honesty, and evisceration.

But before you pull out your bankbook to see if your savings and planned retirement funds are sufficient for a zany night out at the movies, the story is actually about a middle-aged accountant from Florida who has just found out he is a descendant of Genghis Khan. That sounds more like the premise of a Canadian film than a Hollywood film. So put your bankbook away. You'll never see it.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThis family tree was discovered by a British geneticist who offers genetic tests to anyone now for the low, low price of £195. According to the researcher, the Mongol emperor was quite the prolific little subjugator of the weak. An estimated 16 million people worldwide can claim to be the Khan's direct descendents.

"I obviously haven't conquered any countries", said the flabbergasted accountant. He did add however that he had "headed up accounting groups". Ooooooo! Scary! Watch out Ernst & Young! Khan is on the loose and after your spreadsheets!

Via The Huffington Post

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I know what you bought last summer

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSome American data mining robots my have to be put in the storage shed for a little while. "The European Court of Justice has blocked an EU-US agreement that requires airlines to transfer passenger data to the US authorities".

Since 2004 European airlines have routinely handed over 34 bits of information on every passenger they fly to the States, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, and credit card information. American authorities believe that knowing exactly when Mrs Ingaborg Åkesson of Gävle, Sweden's Mastercard expires will aid immensely in the twin fights against terrorism and unwise spontaneous Ikea purchases.

The EU courts disagree (damn French!), claiming that there is "no appropriate legal basis" for the transfer and that there was a risk the data could be misused. This is, of course, silly, cowardly, surrender monkey protectionist talk. It is inconceivable that American authorities, who routinely never ever overstep their jurisdiction and run a wholly and completelyn legal war in Iraq and totally legitimate surveillance of every single phone call Americans have ever made, would ever misuse data on EU citizens, whom they cherish and respect as they do Canadians.

Why doesn't the US just require visas of everyone who visits? Are they afraid it would make them look bad in the eyes of the world?

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May 29, 2006

From my fourth story window I watch as people crawl along the pavement. They sway at the crosswalk before red hand melts and they slide before the waiting cars. Last weekend I'd called my super and asked him, politely (it was May after all) to turn on the heat just a squidge. Now my cat refuses to frolic and my head is a shaggy watermelon. My cactus is melting. My glass of water is sweating. Yesterday I put on shorts for the first time yesterday and found to my amazement that wintering in cold, dark closets shrinks fabric. Today I went to buy new shorts and found to my amazement that wintering clothing designers shrink waist sizes. I guess I have to get out more.

But I will get out more! Armed with sunscreen, perfectly sized shorts, and bangs that cover my eyes I will be an impenetrable fortress to melanoma and sunstroke. Activated by the heat, my belly will shrink and my calves will swell. My bottom will grow firm and shapely, just like it was when the leaves fell. Spring has finally sprung to summer.

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Very pretty

Reza Aslan / Image Hosted by

Persian-American scholar and author of No god but God : The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam (current voracious read), Reza Aslan. Check him out on The Colbert Report. He's cool (for a scholar of the History of Religion).

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The deci-*hic!*-der

May 04, 2006

What ever happened to those rumours a few months ago about Dubya being back on the sauce?

What ever happened to those rumours a few months ago about Dubya being back on the sauce? / Image Hosted by

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