Primetime Show Thinks Macaca is Pretty Cool

August 26, 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOne of my guilty pleasures has gone all macaca on me. The latest instalment of Survivor will feature teams broken down by race: African-American, Hispanic, East and Southeast Asian, and White. Just what I've always wanted to see, a bunch of suburban whites whining about reverse discrimination every time "one of their own" is voted off the island (I'm white, before someone shrieks "reverse discrimination" at me).

In all seriousness, however, American race relations are very interesting. The country claims to be all about equality and melting pots, but episodes like Katrina and Mexican border fences show this to be very far from the truth. I think it's a fine thing that this kind of hypocrisy is being addressed seriously by an American television network.

Hahahahahahahahaha! I could hardly type that with a straight face! I know! In know! This is major network primetime TV we're talking here, the gang who brought us Erkel, the Nanny, has a grand total of 2 Asian stars, and situates long-running sitcoms in New York city about gangs of, um, friends, that have no black characters whatsoever..

Seriously. One half-step above Jerry Springer.

I hear rumours that the next instalment after that will be called Survivor: Jerusalem and will feature teams made up of Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Druze players. Should be fun once they try to merge the tribes!

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Comments for Primetime Show Thinks Macaca is Pretty Cool
The border fence is not about racism and neither was Katrina. The othing thing that makes it about race is the coverage by the media. Hurricane Katrina brought to the forefront the problems that exisited in the deep south in this country and that has nothing to do with the governments response. The governments response to the monumental destruction of Hurricane Katrina was hampered by many things, including the local and state authorities incompetitence. The media immediately drew on the fact that many of the residence of New Orleans were African American and they brought up the race issue. The border fence is all about stemming the tide of illegal immigration and not about racism. If they want to enter this country like hundreds of thousands of their fellow countryman did before them they would be welcomed with open arms, but instead they chose to sneak across our border and become a burden on our system.

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