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May 31, 2006

A week or two ago my inbox was inundated with emails pleading with me to watch the YouTube video of the guy with fantastic adlib talents bluffing his way through what he though was a job interview with the BBC, but wasn't. Due to some confusion at BBC's reception that day, he had been sent into a live broadcast interview on the legalities of file sharing. I think he fared rather well, considering the shock being quizzed on something he had no knowledge of whatsoever in a "job interview".

Shockingly, despite his ability to perform under pressure and his hero status among bloggers and other creature that never see the light of day such as vampires, worms, and Gollum impersonators, the BBC did not hire him.

But help has arrived. An Irish journalist has set up a petition to give him the job he'd thought he was interviewing for, if not a better one. Sign the petition and then go visit the site.

If I weren't between jobs myself, I'd snap him up in an instant. I wish someone would start a petition to get me hired at the last place I interviewed at ...

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what about starting a petition so WE can get a job?

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