Mongolian Eyes?

August 17, 2005

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe papers, from the probe into Jean Charles de Menezes' death, and leaked to ITV, suggest he was restrained before being shot eight times [ ... ] The documents, including witness statements, also suggest Mr de Menezes did not hurdle the barrier at Stockwell tube station, as first reports previously suggested, and was not wearing a padded jacket that could have concealed a bomb.

Another paper indicates what criterion London police used to get their positive identification of Mr De Menezes.
One of the clinching factors in the mistaken identification appears to have been the fact that some of the officers agreed Mr de Menezes had the 'same Mongolian eyes' as one of the terror suspects.
- via The Dawn of Man

Racial profiling (ignorant, incorrect racial profiling at that), shoot-to-kill orders, and a self-important love of brutality! The world keeps getting better and better!

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