Yenta Unmasked

May 05, 2005

Mask / Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI've been found out. I've been discovered. I've been unmasked. My disguise is no more. I have been revealed to my close friend and main nemesis, AlefAlef. Other than a few bloggers I'd met through my old site, one of whom was a dear friend years before either of us had even heard of a blog, no one knows I do this. No family, no friends, no colleagues. I became a little too obsessive about my old blog and so I didn't spill my sweet little secret about this one in order to keep my fantasy world and my day-to-day world separate.

Once he had found me out, in pointed AlefAlef fashion, the single query, "Do you care to explain your closetedness?" demonstrated a whole range of colours, from amusement to consternation at the slight.

"I didn't tell you because it's my thing to do with as I please. All for me," was my somewhat lame, although truthful, response. AlefAlef has a mind like a steel trap and can read me like a children's book, plus he seems to have some sort of weird mind-scanning technique (lawyers are scary people) so I can't keep a secret from him even if I try, which I don't bother to do anymore. This little story is but one example of.

Gasmask / Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHe had uncovered my secret while deciding whether or not to delete the bookmark to my old site. "Why did you link it if the plan was to have a masturbatory exercise?" You can always be sure to get a question that cuts straight to the heart of any matter from him.

Feeling trapped and sheepish, I hit back with good ol' Jewish sarcasm. "Obviously I did it to annoy you and to give you something to ask me condescendingly." Believe me, this is how Jews show love and affection.

"Well your plan failed, then. I was delighted, not annoyed."

Well good. Delight is better than annoyance.

And now I really have to watch out for what I say about him because I have a new reader. And I'm glad for it. I can share all my worlds with AlefAlef, and I know he can keep a secret.

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