Thunderous Applause

October 26, 2004

photo hosting and image hosting by ImageVenue.comNational Novel-Writing Month fast approaches. I have been diligently preparing for my entry in it by skipping the first meeting of the Toronto chapter to go get magnificently drunk at a friend's 40th birthday and by only deciding on a premise yesterday. If you're going to do something rather large, be sure to do it half-assed.

I have to thank close friend and frequent commenter, AlefAlef, for the original idea for the premise, although I have modified it somewhat. He suggested it to me after reading yet another entry in which he was the topic where I'd bent te truth ever so slightly so make myself look be ... I mean, to highlight the humour of the anecdote. You'll see what I mean if you click here. That site is where I will post it as I write it starting Nov. 1.

And the truly observant will note that I do something on that site that I have never allowed before here. If you think you've figured out what it is, leave a comment on that site.

And while I type up yet another 'real' genius entry for this site, have fun with this little game. If that gets annoying, which it surely will, read this hilarious overview of the movie "Troy" that made me fall off my chair, much to the astonishment of my cat.

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