March 24, 2005

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It’s a bomb yo, so run yo
Put away your stupid gun yo
Cos see though like a protocol call
Which is why they blow it up fore they go

Semi-9 and snipered him
On that wall they posted him
They cornered him
And then just murdered him

He told them he didn’t know them
He wasn’t there they didn’t know him
They show’d him a picture then
”Ain’t that you with the Muslims?”

He got colgate on his teeth
and reeebok classics on his feet
at a factory he does Nike
and then helps the family
from "Sunshower"

Sri Lankan-English M.I.A. raps nonchalantly about life under in revolutionary conflict (not just in Sri Lanka but all over the world), a Tamil Tiger father who disappeared one day, being a brown refugee in white West London, all with infectious beats and weird blats and beeps that hit on dancehall, hiphop, electronica, and everything between.

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Comments for Galang
Nice quote. I love this quote. Thanks

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