A Tall, Dark, Handsome Man

May 24, 2005

Tarot / Image Hosted by ImageShack.usFor fun yesterday I had my tarot cards read yesterday and the results were most favourable. This was no mascara'd, faux-gypsy seer with an outrageous accent feeding me portentious news of great joy to ensure a repeat customer; it was just a naive friend with an enormous imagination who dabbles in tarot and kabbalah (Oy! What is it with the Goyim and kabbalah?). Plus for good measure, I followed along in the big flaky, new agey guidebook to see for myself that I wasn't being given a line. Successful career change, marriage to the man of my dreams (who I apparently already know), prosperity, contentment, peace, it's all coming my way.

Of course, my little Jewish pessimistic voice tells me I've just ruined it all by talking about it *spit three times*

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